At Doro we design cell phones to be easy enough for anyone to use, without sacrificing style. That’s because many people find reading, hearing or handling ordinary cell phones difficult, but don’t like how typical assistive devices draw attention to their needs.

Easy to read display

Making cell phones easier to use means, for example, making them easier to read. The screens on our phones offer good contrast as well as large numbers and letters. Adjustable text sizes and changeable background scenes let you adapt the phone to your visual needs. 

We also have models featuring a high-contrast black on white display for people whose vision requires this alternative. No matter if you want to dial or answer a call, use the menus, or read or write a text message, our phones are simply easier to read.



The key(s) to an easier experience

Small keys can make any device difficult to use. That’s why we devote more space to keypads and separate the keys for easier operation. Our keys are also larger and have high contrast, so they are much easier to read. Many models also come with shortcut keys to frequently used numbers or functions such as text messaging and camera.  

Quality you can hear

Hearing is something that varies widely from person to person. Doro cell phones are designed to provide good, clear sound that can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Tone adjustments as well as louder ring signals and speaker volume make our cell phones easier to hear. Some models also feature Hearing Aid Compatibility. 

Clearly understandable functions

At Doro, we believe cell phones shouldn’t have to be complicated. So whether you want to make a call, send a text or look someone up in the phone book, our menu symbols are clear and easy to find. 
Some models even let you hide functions you don’t want. Regardless of what functions a particular Doro cell phone offers, we strive to make each one very simple to understand.

Security features for peace of mind

You never know when you’re going to need help. That’s why most Doro cell phones offer built-in security features like the convenient alarm button subtly integrated in the back of the phone. Pressing the button sends alerts to people who can help you when you need it, and is perfect for anyone who lives alone. 

We never stop

Our designers and engineers work continuously to develop products that are even better, easier and more attractive than previous models. Recent examples include our latest, highly popular clamshell models for easier answering and ending of calls, now with even better tactile features. Another example is the introduction of our first camera phones that make it very easy for anyone to take a photo and send a picture message. There are even models for use with Bluetooth headsets and hearing aids.