Fatima Pique

‘My favourite feature of the Doro824 is the camera’


“My name is Fatima. I’m 73 years old and live alone here in Toronto. I’m originally from Portugal which means that lots of my family and friends still live abroad so having access to technology is vital for me to keep in touch with my loved ones separated by distance.”


“I normally speak to my family and friends on my landline phone at home or I use my computer."


“In the past I’ve used a flip phone, but it wasn’t very interactive and I found everything about it really small, from the buttons, to the screen and font size to the actual phone itself.”


“When I started using the Doro824, I loved how large the screen was and that all the icons and font were big and bright. It made it so much easier to see and use.”


“My favourite feature of the Doro824 is probably the camera. I love being able to instantly take a photo wherever I am, then view it immediately on the screen. I am also an avid Facebook user and have over 300 friends! It’s great being able to use Facebook wherever I am to stay connected with friends online and not having to wait until I can use one of the computers at West Neighbourhood House in Toronto. It’s also so easy and convenient to upload pictures straight from my phone to Facebook. I’ve never been able to do that before! Sharing photos through Facebook with my daughter makes me feel so much more connected to her and like we’re together every day!”


 Maria José Ferreira                                                            

‘I would definitely recommend the Doro824 to other seniors’


“My name is Maria José. I’m 76 years old and am also originally from Portugal but now live here in Toronto. I’ve never used or owned a cellphone before so the Doro824 was my first experience of using a phone on the go!”


“I was nervous about using the phone and thought it was going to be really difficult to see and press all the buttons, but it was so much easier than I expected. I really like how large the physical buttons are and also that the icons on the screen are nice and big too. I am really enjoying learning how to send text messages, and send them all the time now!”


 “Charging the phone is really easy too thanks to the charging dock so I don’t need to worry about little wires. I also like that when you’re charging the phone it becomes a screen with the time on.”


 “I would definitely recommend the Doro824 to other seniors, even if like me you’ve never used a cell phone before. It’s helped me stay connected to my friends and family all the time, I love it!”




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