Photographer Christian Andersson often gets asked, ”Oh what a nice camera. It must take great pictures?” The last time someone tried to start a conversation with that phrase his answer was short and sweet: “Yes, it does.”

The answer is actually that terrible cameras can take fantastic pictures, or more accurately: good photographers can take fantastic photos regardless of the equipment they are using. Most cameras don’t take pictures at all, but leave that up to the photographer.

It really isn’t the camera that sets the limits. Sure, some camera phones have certain technical limitations, but most tips for how to take better pictures are general and work no matter what camera is being used.

Ten tips for becoming a better camera phone photographer:

1. Dare to go close to the subject.

2. Select what has to be in the photo rather than trying to get it all in.

3. Anticipate. ”An image approaches like a snail but disappears like lightning.” If you know where something is going to happen, place yourselft right in plenty of time.

4. Keep in mind that some camera phones take the picture first have releasing the shutter button. 

5. Hold the camera still. If you take pictures indoors without a flash, this is essential for getting a sharp focus. Lean against a door jamb or a chair for support.

6. Don’t allow your subject to be illuminated by several light sources with different temperatures, e.g. warm incandescent lighting and cool outdoor lighting. 

7. Find a “clean” background. When taking portraits it’s important to think about not letting the background steal too much attention. Avoid having things stick up behind people’s heads.

8. Try to capture true sensations in your snapshots. 

9. Be sociable when you take photos; downplay the situation and shoot even when the subject isn’t prepared.

10. Last but not least, the best advice used even by all pro photographers: Take lots of photos and you will increase your chances of taking some that are good.